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    Colour in Fairytale Placemat

    Fun, educational gift where you can colour in  all your favourite storybook characters and creatures from Rapunzel in her tower, to Robin Hood, unicorns, mermaids, dragons & more
    The fairytale placemat comes with a set of ten wash-out fabric pens in a mini cotton tote bag 
    olour in with the pens provided, wash & it's ready for the next work of art
    It can be used & re-used again and again

    Supplied with a wash out fabric pen set, designed to be used on washable textiles
    Wash on a warm machine cycle at 40 degrees & the ink disappears
    47 x 33 cm, 100% cotton with a set of wash out fabric pen provided
    Colour in Fairytale Placemat
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